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HTML <iframe> Tag

HTML <iframe> tag define a inline frame.

In this inline frame(sub window) you are open another documents(like web document, media contain etc..).


<iframe src="jix/img_nat.png" width="200" height="120" scrolling="auto">
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<iframe> Tag Attributes

Attributes Value Description
src "URL" define URL document link to you want to open.
width "Size_px" define iframe width, you want to open document.
height "Size_px" define iframe height, you want to open document.
scrolling "auto","yes","no" define iframe document scrolling display.
align "left"
define iframe align, you want to open document.
name "Name" define iframe name, to identify opened document.
longdesc "URL" define iframe document long description page.

Dynamic Attributes

<iframe> tag supported following Dynamic attributes.:

Attributes Value Description
id ID_Name Declared unique id for the element.
class Predefined_Class Used in Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).
style style_Attributes CSS code specify inline the HTML element is presented.
title Title_Description Display on the "tooltip" for your elements.

<iframe> tag does not supported Event attributes.: