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  jQuery Ajax Method References


jQuery ajax() method load a remote page using an HTTP request.



jQuery ajax() Method support following parameter.

Parameter Description
option option(All Operation) is a Optional. set of option and value that configure the Ajax request.
Option Description
async Request perform asynchronously. Default value is True.
beforeSend Callback function executed before request was send.
complete function is run when request is finished.
contentType which type of content use to sending to server. Default value is application/x-www-form-urlencoded.
data Specific data send to the server.
dataType Specific type of data expected back from the server. (eg. htm,js,xml etc.)
error function is execute when request is fail.
password password use to response to the HTTP access authentication request.
success function is execute when request is succeeds.
timeout Set the number of milliseconds after request will timeout in failure.
type HTTP method use in request(GET or POST). Default value is GET.
url URL which is the request is sent.
username username use to response to the HTTP access authentication request.
xhr function execute when creating the XMLHttpRequest object.

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  jQuery Ajax Method References