PL/SQL Advantages

What is PL/SQL?

PL/SQL is a Procedural Language extension of Structured Query Language (SQL).
PL/SQL is specially designed for Database oriented activities. Oracle PL/SQL allows you to perform data manipulation operation those are safe and flexible.

PL/SQL Advantages

PL/SQL is a very secure functionality tool for manipulating, controlling, validating, and restricting unauthorized access data from the SQL database.

Using PL/SQL we can improve application performance. It also allows to deal with errors so we can provide user friendly error messages.

PL/SQL have a great functionality to display multiple records from the multiple tables at the same time.

PL/SQL is capable to send entire block of statements and execute it in the Oracle engine at once.

Advantages PL/SQL

Procedural language support PL/SQL is a development tools not only for data manipulation futures but also provide the conditional checking, looping or branching operations same as like other programming language.

Reduces network traffic This one is great advantages of PL/SQL. Because PL/SQL nature is entire block of SQL statements execute into oracle engine all at once so it's main benefit is reducing the network traffic.

Error handling PL/SQL is dealing with error handling, It's permits the smart way handling the errors and giving user friendly error messages, when the errors are encountered.

Declare variable PL/SQL gives you control to declare variables and access them within the block. The declared variables can be used at the time of query processing.

Intermediate Calculation Calculations in PL/SQL done quickly and efficiently without using Oracle engines. This improves the transaction performance.

Portable application Applications are written in PL/SQL are portable in any Operating system. PL/SQL applications are independence program to run any computer.