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HTML <comment> Tag

HTML <comment> tag is use for insert a comment in the source code. It's important to easy code readability and understand.

You can also write specifiy information inside comments. In this case they will not be display on web document and not visible for the user.

A good habit is write comment text inside html pages, scripts and style elements.

Comment Tag does not support any Standard Attributes.

HTML Comment Example-Code:

An HTML comment begins with "<!--", ends with "-->" and does not contain "--" or ">" anywhere in the comment.


 <img src="../../jix/w2t.png" width="380" height="70" /><!--Image File-->
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CSS Comment Example-Code:

A CSS comment start with "/*" and ends with "*/".


/* h4 Heading style */ 
h4 {
   color:purple; /* Font Color is purple */


h4 { text-align:center; color:purple; font-family:verdana; }

JavaScript Comment Example-Code:

Single line comments start with //.

Multi line comments start with /* and end with */.


<script type="text/javascript">
// start heading h5
document.write("<h5>This is a heading h5</h5>");
The fist code is use to h3 heading
or line break
document.write("<p>This is a paragraph</p>");
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