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In this page all HTML5 tags that include newer html5 tags, previous version tags that are still usefull (always will be), and previous version some tags remove that are no more longer uses. Following all HTML5 Tags alphabetically listed with references, examples.

Tag List | Tag with Description

HTML5 Tags with Description

NEW - New tag introduce in HTML5
REMOVE - Not Support in HTML5
NEW / REMOVE - New tag introduce in HTML5, But now not Support in HTML5

Tag Description In HTML5?
<!--...--> Describe a comment text in the source code  
<!doctype> Defines a document type  
<a> Specific a anchor (Hyperlink)
Use for link in internal/external web documents.
<abbr> Describes an abbreviation (acronyms)  
<acronym> Describes an acronyms REMOVE
<address> Describes an address information  
<applet> Embedding an applet in HTML document REMOVE
<area> Defines an area in an image map  
<article> Defines an article NEW
<aside> Describes contain set(or write) on aside place in page contain NEW
<audio> Specific audio content NEW
<b> Specific text weight bold  
<base> Define a base URL for all the links with in a web page  
<basefont> Describes a default font color, size, face in a document REMOVE
<bb> Define browser command, that command invoke as per client action NEW/ REMOVE
<bdo> Specific direction of text display  
<big> Defines a big text REMOVE
<blockquote> Specifies a long quotation  
<body> Defines a main section(body) part in HTML document  
<br> Specific a single line break  
<button> Specifies a press/push button  
<canvas> Specifies the display graphics on HTML web documment NEW
<caption> Define a table caption  
<center> Specifies a text is display in center align REMOVE
<cite> Specifies a text citation  
<code> Specifies computer code text  
<col> Specifies a each column within a <colgroup> element in table  
<colgroup> Defines a group of one or more columns inside table  
<command> Define a command button, invoke as per user action NEW
<datagrid> Define a represent data in datagrid either list wise or tree wise NEW
<datalist> Define a list of pre-defined options surrounding <input> tag NEW
<dd> Defines a definition description in a definition list  
<del> Specific text deleted in web document  
<details> Define a additional details hide or show as per user action NEW
<dfn> Define a definition team  
<dialog> Define a chat conversation between one or more person NEW/ REMOVE
<dir> Define a directory list REMOVE
<div> Define a division part  
<dl> Define a definition list  
<dt> Define a definition team  
<em> Define a text is emphasize format  
<embed> Define a embedding external application using a relative plug-in NEW
<eventsource> Define a generate an event to remote server NEW
<fieldset> Define a set of border (group of form elements border)  
<figcaption> Define a caption for a figure tag media contain NEW
<figure> Define a group of media contain and figure caption NEW
<font> Define a font size, font face and color for text REMOVE
<footer> Define a footer section of web document NEW
<form> Define a form for input data from user  
<frame> Define a frame that open URL source for seprate contain frame REMOVE
<frameset> Define a split the browser window in several individual frames REMOVE
<h1> to <h6> Define a Headings level 1 to 6 size  
<head> Define a heading information section for document  
<header> Define a header for section or document NEW
<hgroup> Define a group of headings tags NEW
<hr> Define a horizontal rule (horizontal line)  
<html> Define a document is a HTML markup language  
<i> Define a italic format text  
<iframe> Define a inline frame  
<img> Define a individual image open in document  
<input> Define a get information in selected input  
<ins> Define a pre-inserted text into document  
<isindex> Define a single line input to search an online index REMOVE
<kbd> Define a keyboard text  
<keygen> Define to generate a secure key pair of selected field in HTML form NEW
<label> Define a specific label value  
<legend> Define a specific heading of HTML form around border  
<li> Define a list item either order list or unorder list  
<link> Define a external source document link to document  
<map> Define a image map to client side  
<mark> Define a text is mark to a highlighted in document NEW
<menu> Define a menu list  
<meta> Optimize ranking of web page in search engine  
<meter> Define a measured value NEW
<nav> Define a navigation link NEW
<noframes> Define a browser does not support a frame at that time <noframes> tag message will be display REMOVE
<noscript> Define a browser does not support a script at that time <noscript> tag message will be display  
<object> Define an embedded multimedia object  
<ol> Define a list in ordered wise  
<optgroup> Define the options group  
<option> Define a multiple option item list  
<output> Define a calculation result of performed by a script NEW
<p> Define a paragraph  
<param> Define a parameter for an object  
<pre> Define a predefined text  
<progress> Define a progress task of any kind ( or upload file) NEW
<q> Define a short quotation  
<rp> Define a specific message when chinese character (ruby typography) does not support browser at that time message will be display NEW
<rt> Define a specific message when chinese character (ruby typography) does not support browser at that time message will be display NEW
<ruby> Define a chinese character (ruby typography) NEW
<s> Define a middle horizontal line in text  
<samp> Define a sample output from a computer program code  
<script> Define a client side script  
<section> Define a section in document NEW
<select> Define a list of selectable options that are select one or more option  
<small> Define a small text  
<source> Define a media sources from URL NEW
<span> Use to applying attributes in seprated section in document  
<strike> Define a middle strick line over text REMOVE
<strong> Define a strong text  
<style> Define a style sheet definition  
<sub> Define a subscript text  
<sup> Define a superscript text  
<table> Define a table  
<tbody> Define a table body  
<td> Define a table data(cell)  
<textarea> Define a multiline text input  
<tfoot> Define a table footer  
<th> Define a table header cell  
<thead> Define a group of table header elements  
<time> Define a specific time, date NEW
<title> Define a document title  
<tr> Define a table row  
<track> Specifies a subtitles, descriptions, chapters, metadata, captions that surrounding to <video> or <audio> tag NEW
<tt> Define a teletype text REMOVE
<u> Define a underline text  
<ul> Define a unordered wise list  
<var> Define a variable text  
<video> Define a video like movie clip, video clip attach in document NEW
<wbr> Define a Word Break. <wbr> tag specifies to break the word when line break NEW