jQuery Introduction

What is jQuery?

jQuery is library of JavaScript file, containing all jQuery functions.
jQuery developing Ajax base Application.

jQuery is useful in HTML document like Event Handling, Traversing, Animating Effect, Ajax Interacting and much more.

jQuery helps to the Programmers to create easy simple and concise code. jQuery Library is a content of the event handling, Animation Effect, Ajax Interactions, Lightweight, DOM manipulation and more. Following is some jQuery Features.

Feature Of jQuery

Event Handling jQuery library is support to creating an your own events. and also provide event model. It is very easy to handle events.

Animation Effect jQuery support to built the animation effects which you want to need.

Ajax Interactions jQuery help to develop lot of features using in AJAX Technology.
Ex. AJAX Technology use to connect on database and also we can fetch the data from server without refreshing the current page.

Lightweight In jQuery, lightweight means "write less code, improve more feature" using jQuery library.

DOM manipulation jQuery using easy to selecting DOM elements and traversing to modifying their content. When you use CSS, easy select element id, class and build events to increase or improve more functionality.

Compatibility All Dynamic Languages jQuery script can be use with all most Dynamic Web Languages like PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI etc.

Add the jQuery Library in Your WebPages

jQuery library is stored single JavaScript file. this file is add in <head> part of your web page like at...

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>