XPath - Extension (XPath Analyzer, XPath Checker)

XPath - Extension for Google Chrome browser use XPath Analyzer, and Mozilla Firefox use XPath Checker. Google Chrome XPath analyzer extension and Mozilla Firefox XPath Checker extension to evaluate XPath expression in XML document.

This two standard extension analyze XPath expression and return the selection nodes.

Google Chrome

  • Goto a Google web store

  • Search XPath analyzer extension

  • Click free button to add extension into Google Chrome browser.

XPath Chrome Addons

XPath analyzer - Google Chrome

Open any XML file into browser. Now open console panel (F9). Extension bar click on XPath analyzer extension. Open tiny window for entering XPath express and enter to selected XPath expression displaying on console.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Goto Firefox Addons

  • Search XPath Checker addons

  • Install extension and need to restart browser once.

XPath firefox addons

XPath Checker - Firefox Addons

After reopening browser open XML document for evaluating XPath expression. Open context menu (right click on anywhere within page) » View XPath select to open new pop-up window. Now this window you can write XPath expression and viewing result on same pop-up window.