HTML Formatting Tags


  • HTML formatting tags use for formatting a text style. It will become necessary to make minor changes to the formatting of those elements.

HTML <b> tag use for formatting output bold text. Following are few common formatting tags.

Tag Example Results
<b> <b>Bold Text</b> An example of Bold Text
<big> <big>Big Text</big> An example of Big Text
<center> <center>Center Text</center> An example of 
Center Text
<em> <em>Emphasized Text</em> An example of Emphasized Text
<i> <i>Italic Text</i> An example of Italic Text
<small> <small>Small Text</small> An example of Small Text
<strong> <strong>Strong Text</strong> An example of Strong Text
<sub> <sub>Subscript Text</sub> An example of Subscript Text
<sup> <sup>Superscript Text</sup> An example of Superscript Text
<del>Delete Text</del>
<s>Strike Text</s>
<strike>Strike Text</strike>
An example of  Delete Text
An example of  Strike Text
An example of Strike Text
<u> <u>Underline Text</u> An example of Underline Text
<tt> <tt>Teletype Text</tt> An example of  Teletype Text
<blockquote> <blockquote>Long Quotation</blockquote>
<q>Short Quotation Text</q>
An example of  Long Quotation Text
An example of  Short Quotation Text