HTML Header Tags h1 to h6


HTML header tag h1 is used for specifying heading level 1. There are 6 levels of headings (h1 - h6) with h1 the most important and h6 the least important.

Browsers are supported various headings in different sizes - with h1 being the largest and h6 being the smallest.


  <title>HTML Heading Tag</title> 
  <h1>Heading h1<h1>
  <h2>Heading h2<h2>
  <h3>Heading h3<h3>
  <h4>Heading h4<h4>
  <h5>Heading h5<h5>
  <h6>Heading h6<h6>

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Important of Heading

There is a special tag for specifying headings in HTML. There are 6 levels of headings in HTML ranging from h1 for the most important Tag and h6 tag for the least important.

Don't use headings to make text <big> or <strong>.