HTML basefont Tag

  • HTML <basefont> tag use for set default font color, size, font family for all text in a document.

  • <basefont> tag use in head section as well as body section.

  • <basefont> tag is only supported by Internet Explorer. CSS should be used instead.

  • HTML <basefont> tag remove in HTML5 specification.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>HTML basefont tag</title>
  <basefont size="14" color="green"/>
  <p>HTML basefont tag</p>

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<basefont> Tag Attributes

HTML <basefont> tag support following specific attributes.

Attributes Value Description
color #XXXXXX Define a base URL link.
target fontname Define a default font face.
size size Define a default font size.

Browser Compatibility

HTML <basefont> tag is supported in Internet Explorer 8 and previous versions.

  • Google Chrome
    Not supported
  • Mozilla Firefox
    Not supported
  • Microsoft Edge
    Not supported
  • Opera
    Not supported
  • Safari
    Not supported