HTML isindex Tag

  • HTML <isindex> tag used to create a single line search prompt for querying the contents of the document. Functionality of <isindex> tag duplicate by the <form> and <input>.

  • HTML <isindex> tag remove in HTML5 specification.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>HTML isindex tag</title>
  <isindex prompt="Search" />

<isindex> Tag Attributes

HTML <isindex> tag support following specific attributes.

Attributes Value Description
prompt text Specify a label for the textarea.
action URL Specify URL where send the query.

Global Attributes

HTML <isindex> tag support following global attributes.

Attributes Value Description
id unique_name Declared unique id for an element.
class class_name Declared one or more classnames for an element.
style styles CSS inline styles specify an element.
title title Specify extra details of element contain, this will display as a "tooltip" for an elements.

Browser Compatibility

  • Google Chrome
    Not Supported
  • Mozilla Firefox
    Not Supported
  • Microsoft Edge
    Not Supported
  • Opera
    Not Supported
  • Safari
    Not Supported